General Knowledge Quiz

General Knowledge Quiz 1.0

Tests users knowledge with questions from all domains

Provides an interactive interface where users test their knowledge with questions from all domains. Rewards players with a prize if the number of correct answers is high.

Do you think you know everything? If so, prove it with General Knowledge Quiz.
Here you will be able to test your knowledge and get a prize if you pass.
General Knowledge Quiz is a fun gradual challenge where you should answer ten questions before moving to the next level, you also have to have seven out of the ten questions right to move on.
With General Knowledge Quiz you will also be able to lean a lot of things and interesting facts.
Here, time is also important, not only answering the questions is enough for you to go to the next level, but also you have to race against the time. And as you move forward questions get more and more difficult. You will have to make your brain work a lot to answer them.
You will have multiple choice answers and they are set in a way that may lead you to the right option, so pay attention to every detail.
You will be asked about everything from general to specific facts and interesting issues.
The interface is also great! And you have smiley faces that make this game more entertaining and fun.

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